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CBF Underwrites Time- and Sanity-Saving Services Too

CBF donations cover the clinicians’ cost of meaningful programs and services too, not after-hours yoga and meditation and music therapy classes or other HR department well-meaning Bandaid solutions currently offered by some health systems.

We can’t yoga our way out of this.

The burnout-beating tools – tech and services – that come through the Clinician Burnout Foundation are provided at no cost to clinicians in immediate need and those at risk.

Only game-changing health tech, not talk, will truly end healthcare burnout, and will save countless lives. This tech is available right now through CBF’s current sponsors/partners and more is coming.

Saving one practitioner equates to saving the thousand or more patients that they will care for over the course of their career.


This road, at this moment, the 911 call is answered by a public servant who is unable and/or unwilling to respond, their entire fleet of vehicles is broken down by neglect and lack of will to budget for maintaining safe and sound operation. Here, the police and firefighting rescue teams represent the legislators and payers.

The 911 operator thanks the person for bringing this urgent need to their attention, and sends thoughts and prayers on behalf of his employers. “By the way, we have been evaluating the need for a stop sign or traffic light,” he adds before abruptly ending the call to alarm.

The cyclist? One of the physicians (or nurses or nurse practitioners or physician assistants or any other provider) who has been seriously injured and simply can’t get up on their own.