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 Innovative Tech, Not Talk, Can Slash Killer Hours & Errors. It’s Available & Affordable: CBF Covers Clinician Costs! 

The CBF community is done with talk (as in, erecting our own stop sign). We are providing tangible, transformative solutions to save the lives of gravely injured clinicians, who are too exhausted to steer safely ahead on their own.

Only by galvanizing for action to slash administrative burden and concomitant 80-hour work weeks, by dramatically improving the quality of clinician lives and in turn their patients’ lives, can physician and nurse burnout be stopped.

Not by trying to change the industry by imploring those with the power and purse strings; rather, by providing actionable, proven tools for change.

The Clinician Burnout Foundation raises funds that pay for innovative health tech that is designed to end the burden, slash the hours, end payer denials, and make compliance effortless.

Over 55 studies and surveys have been conducted to date to raise awareness around this public health crisis. On September 17, 2018 a national day of observation was established: National Physician Suicide Awareness Day. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized this global pandemic within a pandemic.

The importance of all of this work and effort cannot be understated. Nor should it be. Each provides a critical contribution to the cause. Unfortunately, even when taken together, no effort has moved the needle enough to ‘cure’ this grave condition.

CBF Underwrites Time- and Sanity-Saving Services Too

CBF donations cover the clinicians’ cost of meaningful programs and services too, not after-hours yoga and meditation and music therapy classes or other HR department well-meaning Bandaid solutions currently offered by some health systems.

We can’t yoga our way out of this.

The burnout-beating tools – tech and services – that come through the Clinician Burnout Foundation are provided at no cost to clinicians in immediate need and those at risk.

Only game-changing health tech, not talk, will truly end healthcare burnout, and will save countless lives. This tech is available right now through CBF’s current sponsors/partners and more is coming.

Saving one practitioner equates to saving the thousand or more patients that they will care for over the course of their career.

We are all consumers of our healthcare system. At some point in our lives, we will turn to a member of a healthcare team. Our loved ones. Our friends. Our co-workers. Even the legislators and payers with the power to effect change at the highest levels.

But we can’t wait for them. Not with one physician a day committing suicide. A statistic determined before COVID.

Join the Clinician Burnout Foundation. Donate whatever you can, in dollars or time. Sponsor. Partner. Volunteer. Or simply spread the word.

With strength in numbers, we can save an untold number of lives: Those who practice medicine and those of us who receive their care. You and me and our loved ones. Not because it’s the right thing to do. But because it’s the necessary thing to do.