Drive efforts faster, further. Partner for a win-win!

Partners & Affiliates Drive Discovery & Stretch Donor Dollars

CBF seeks strategic partners to accelerate awareness by and activation of the like-minded donors and sponsors who make our work possible.

Collaborative efforts can power exponentially greater results than either party can achieve independently.

Bigger, better efforts can be delivered at a lower, shared cost by both CBF and a partner. This will fuel greater reach and discovery by more like-minded donors = more money available for concrete clinician solutions.

The Clinician Burnout Foundation welcomes partners of all kinds – for-profit and nonprofit, in and outside of healthcare. The only requirement is a commitment to addressing healthcare burnout.

While CBF will always remain true to its mission of fostering and delivering action-driven, hands-on, head-on efforts to end burnout, we welcome the opportunity to partner with those who are performing important, perhaps complementary, work, such as conducting further research and studies that can inform decisions and direction for us all.

Purposeful Partners & Member Associations


Coming Soon! CBF is the exclusive resources & content channel for Fitmedikinnovative App solution, powered by a novel digital twin data engine & algorithm
designed to drive down the human cost of burnout for hospitals & individual clinicians. Launching late spring 2023. Proceeds will be donated to CBF.

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