We are in the race of our lives. Together. 

We Can Win This Marathon.

The Finish Line is in Sight!

We need to dig deep, ignore any stumbles and sprint ahead. The marathon that began a decade ago – with the transition from patient charting with paper and pen to nights and weekends with confounding electronic health records; from ever-increasing industry requirements to ever-changing legislation – is about to end. 

The Win Has Begun Right Here at CBF
The finish line greets you with the industry’s newest, better, precision health tech. Because only a transformative fix in technology, not more talk or studies or well-meaning wellness offerings, can solve a problem rooted in flawed technology.

Alternative, next-generation EHR platforms are available now through CBF to remedy the headaches from existing EHRs that have glutted the market. And we are developing programs to ease, not add to, clinician days.

More Sponsors, Partners, Solutions Welcome
We welcome all interested organizations and individuals to add more effective solutions and services. Just as we welcome everyone to help us raise funds to subsidize the technology and services as they become available through the Clinician Burnout Foundation.

Refer clinician colleagues and loved ones who are struggling to sign up for free time-saving, sanity-saving, surefire solutions here.

Volunteer whatever time you may have.

Join the revolution to end healthcare burnout among physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, residents and other members of our healthcare community!

There are no membership fees to join CBF. We are about reducing pain points and friction, not adding to them.