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CBF Makes Your Dollars
Work Harder and Smarter

Saving one provider = saving the thousands of patients they care for over the course of their career. Your loved ones, yourself and clinicians (of course, they are healthcare consumers themselves).

Every day, every hour, that passes claims another clinician. We are all in this fight. Together. Every dollar counts toward helping us win.

Where Your Dollars Are Directed

First and foremost, personal donations and all other fundraising underwrite innovative, burnout-reducing health technology and services to give for free to those clinicians in need who apply to CBF.

How Your Dollars Are Stretched

CBF seeks strategic partners to accelerate awareness by and activation of donors like yourself.

The partnership win-win:  Fewer dollars that CBF may need to spend on marketing to get more funding; similar benefit for a partner to reach their goals.

This can enable multiples more of everyone’s generous donations to go straight to the burned out and at-risk-of-burnout physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and residents.