Our healthcare heroes
deserve better. All of
our lives depend on it.

Our Mission, Our Vision

The diagnosis is clear. The prognosis is grim. Unless we act. Now.

Administrative and legislative demands have dwarfed provider time spent on patient care and self-care. Clinicians practice data entry, not medicine. There is little time, if any, for a life outside of work.

The Pandemic Within a Pandemic
Before the health pandemic, there was the healthcare burnout pandemic. The physician suicide rate has been twice the general  population in the US. Before COVID.

Burnout among doctors, nurses and residents is soaring. In the US and around the world. We are losing clinicians – too often to suicide, not career change or retirement.

We can, and must, do better. Start here.

We Are Purpose-Driven People

Across the US and around the world, clinician and non-clinician colleagues have come together to stamp out burnout among physicians, nurses, residents and other healthcare team members.

High-Caliber, Cause-Minded

The Clinician Burnout Foundation has attracted accomplished professionals in telemedicine and telehealth, health technology, interoperability, AI, regulatory, managed services, patient experience, caregiving, advocacy and more.

Membership is Free!

We are a small but mighty team that enthusiastically welcomes members, advocates, influencers, fundraisers and volunteers. Strength in numbers will strengthen our collective mission.