Clinician BURNOUT
ENDS here and NOW.

CBF is the world’s 1st & only charity delivering Solutions, Not Lip Service

  • WHAT: Burnout-beating & wellbeing-restoring tech & services – for work & home

  • WHO: Physicians, Nurses, all Providers & all Workers who deliver or support healthcare

  • HOW: Free & subsidized – paid for by donations & other funding


How many physicians have burnout at some point in their career. NURSES AT 63%

Physician suicide double the rate of the general US population BEFORE Covid & worse now

Number of studies & surveys on this public health crisis. Stop the analysis. Start concrete change

Number of hours a week many clinicians work due to flawed electronic health records


Ending Your Pain
is Our Purpose

The revolution for true change
must begin in earnest to
healthcare burnout & restore
mental health & wellbeing
. Now.

 FREE Tech, Tools & Services
for Relief On- and Off-the-Job 

CBF funding covers the cost of burnout-beating tech, tools & services we give away to clinicians & all healthcare workers. From 99% auto-accurate patient data capture to Uber rides & more!


Join the CBF

79+ studies & surveys over 20+ years have
more than validated the problem.
Only galvanizing
for action now can restore provider sanity & patient safety. 


 Sponsors, Partners, Affiliates & Professional Associations

Coming Soon! CBF is the exclusive resources & content channel for Fitmedik‘s innovative App solution, powered by a novel digital twin data engine & algorithm
designed to drive down the human cost of burnout for hospitals & individual clinicians. Launching late spring 2023. Proceeds will be donated to CBF.

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