Clinician BURNOUT
ENDS here and NOW.

CBF literally puts burnout-beating tech and service solutions
directly into clinicians’ hands. All paid for by funds raised here.


How many physicians have burnout at some point in their career. NURSES AT 63%

Physician suicide double the rate of the general US population BEFORE Covid

Number of studies & surveys on this public health crisis. It's time for action, not anguish

Number of hours/week many clinicians work since moving to electronic health records


 Ending Your Pain
is Our Purpose

The revolution for true
must begin in earnest to
end burnout. Now.


 Funding Tech, Not Talk, And Strategic Services

CBF funds underwrite burnout-beating health tech, programs and services for clinicians in need.

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50+ studies and surveys to date have more than validated the problem. Only galvanizing
for action now can fix it.